session B1

Logistics services in the era of digital transformation

  • A new look at the supply chain – fundamentals and features of Supply Chain 4.0
  • Applying the latest organisational and technological solutions in supply chain management
  • Customers’ requirements vs. improved efficiency in a supply chain

Contemporary supply chains have opened the world more than previous generations had expected - to a form of an integrated, shared, smart and highly effective ecosystem. A supply chain is a set of independent, discrete and, to a large degree, autonomous events controlled by actions related to marketing, production or distribution to final recipients. The digitisation of processes results in continuous changes and integrates the ecosystem which relies on the transparency of processes occurring between entities involved, starting from suppliers of raw materials or components, through production processes, to the delivery of finished products. The session will provide us with answers to questions how to handle challenges resulting from the complexity of processes, from the need to track movement, origin and authenticity, and from managing assets as they surpass organisational borders.

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