session C3

ICT in logistic services

  • ICT trends for the upcoming decade
  • Explosion of cloud services
  • Availability of computational tools and infrastructure for logistics

ICT solutions have for a long time been an element of logistics that has been crucial to achieve growth, efficiency and profitability of logistic processes. Systems facilitating the management of warehouses, transport or individual logistic processes are, however, subject to continuous changes – an increasing influence of artificial intelligence, direct communication between machines, collecting, processing and exchanging immense amounts of data are introduced to achieve the best synergy effect between supply chain participants. At the same time, we have been witnessing a dynamic growth of IT and communication-related solutions market. It changes the solutions known so far into more flexible cloud solutions and services provided on the basis of infrastructure available as a business need arises. Are solutions for logistics compatible with IT trends? Are they implemented in systems supporting the execution of logistic processes? Or is it logistics that stimulates the development of new IT solutions that allow meeting more and more sophisticated requirements of recipients of logistic services?

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