session C2

Transport solutions and new legal regulations in domestic and international supply chains

  • Key problems of the Mobility Package
  • Act on Posted Workers and Minimum Wages
  • Smart Logistics system at the freight exchange
  • Modern technologies in transport

Changes to regulations concerning the Mobility Package and the Act on Posted Workers and Minimum Wages may from the second half of 2020 prevent Polish carriers from providing a considerable part of cross-trade and cabotage services in international transport. Limited access of Polish transport companies to West European markets may also cause increased competitive pressure from companies operating on the other side of the eastern border. The effects of legal changes may therefore also include the movement of supply chains and road freight operators operating throughout Europe towards Poland. Is there a real threat that entrepreneurs will transfer their businesses and registration to the countries where they provide services, or decrease foreign volumes in favour of domestic ones? A major direction of transport development are increasingly functional freight exchanges and fully automated fleets, which may streamline the functioning of supply chains owing to smart algorithms controlling autonomous vehicles. During the sessions, main challenges of transport, such as changes of law, competition or modern technologies, will be discussed.

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