session C1

What new technologies affect the logistics of the future?

  • What technologies will influence logistics in the future?
  • Is automation and robotisation inevitable?
  • What is the role of drones in contemporary logistics?

Due to its interdisciplinary nature and crucial role in economy, logistics eagerly absorbs numerous new technologies. The technologies concern chiefly every executed process, whether it is related to intralogistics or to the transport of goods. It does not matter if we operate on the level of pallet unit loads or single products, because technological growth is taking place practically everywhere. Automation and robotisation have broken out of restraints imposed by classic transport systems based on roller conveyors, and have entered the era of autonomy, where robots replace people in executing costly picking processes, and drones assist in warehouse stocktaking. During the session, we will talk about technological trends in logistics. Solutions that are yet to be implemented and technologies that are already available.

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