session B3

ICT in logistic services

  • Challenges of Logistics 4.0 in terms of warehousing
  • The best technological solutions in modern warehousing centres
  • Directions of further growth of modern warehousing centres

Today, modern warehousing centres are not only facilities where operations on goods are carried out in relation to their storage and movement between the shipper and the receiver. We are witnessing continuous transformation of logistic processes resulting from the use of new technologies, such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual and extended reality, autonomous vehicles, sensorics, exoskeletons, automation and robotisation of internal transport. In warehousing centres, smart and digitally coupled systems allow communication between humans, machines, devices and products. A centre’s functions and its organisation as we have known it are therefore evolving, and the infrastructure used should be able to meet current technical and technological challenges.

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