session B2

Warehouse in the omnichannel era

  • Evolution of sale strategy from e-commerce, through multichannel, to omnichannel
  • The impact of omnichannel strategy on the organisation of distribution network.
  • Technological and organisational challenges for warehouse servicing of omnichannel sale
  • Best warehousing practices supporting omnichannel strategy implementation

Growing requirements of customers concerning the availability of products, comfort and low cost of purchase have forced another evolution of sale strategy. It is an integrated sales model involving many channels, referred to as “omnichannel”. A strong impulse for the development of multichannel sale is common access to modern information technologies. Logistics servicing of multichannel sale poses special challenges to companies. They mostly result from short lead times, high variability in terms of volumes, handling returns and complaints, and full access to commercial information. The challenges include the location of sales network nodes, efficient warehousing and transporting technologies, and IT support in terms of organising the processes of order handling. Issues discussed during the session will include examples of current solutions and warehousing technologies development trends that will enable and facilitate the implementation of the omnichannel strategy in companies.

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