B2: A new role of warehouses in digital supply chains



It is beyond doubt that digital solutions supporting the flow of goods, omnichannel trade and globalisation of economy are significantly changing the role of warehouses in contemporary supply chains. Proportions between individual stages of warehousing have changed. Continuous drive to reduce the time of flows results in the shortening of storage time and, on the other hand, increasing the role of cross-docking. Another challenge, and, consequently, reason for changing the role of warehouses, is the abrupt growth of online, or, to put it broadly, omnichannel, trade. They more frequently have to deal with return flows, which assigns new roles to warehouses. The presentation will focus not only on the new challenges, but also on modern organisational solutions that allow warehouses to take on new functions.

•    Functions of warehouses in digital supply chains
•    Omnichannel trade as a new challenge for warehouses
•    Examples of solutions (business case), recent implementations

Moderator: IRENEUSZ FECHNER, Poznan School of Logistics, Polish Logistics Association

He is a graduate of the Poznań University of Technology and a doctor of technical sciences. Involved in logistics since 1996 due to his work at the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, where he is currently a professor extraordinarius. In 2002-2017 he was the chancellor of the Poznań School of Logistics, which he still cooperates with as a lecturer and the head of the postgraduate studies programme. Chairman of the Organisation Committee of the National Logistics Olympiad. His field of expertise covers issues related to the management of supply chains, logistic centres and logistic services. He has extensive practical experience and significant achievements in terms of publications. He is an author of three and a co-author of twenty books and monographs concerning various aspects of logistics. He published over 80 works in Polish and foreign scientific journals. He co-edits the "Logistics in Poland" issued biannually by the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing. He is a member of the board of the Polish Logistics Association. In 2011, the Pracujwlogistyce.pl portal dubbed him the "Giant of Logistics", and the Logistics and Quality magazine included him in the list of "A hundred faces of Polish logistics".

Automation of warehouse processes

  • ANDRZEJ MICHALSKI, Automatic Systems Sales Director at SSI SCHÄFER

He has graduated from the Poznań University of Technology, majoring in Automatics and Robotics. He has been working in the logistics processes automation industry for twenty years. Throughout his career, he took part in designing and building numerous warehouses abroad and in Poland, such as Ceramika Paradyż, Blum or Polfa Pabianice.

 Value Added Services offered by inland terminal – customer expectations


  • FREDERIC BUYSE, Lineas Intermodal

Education – Master in Public Administration from the University of Louvain-La-Neuve (Bel) completed with a postgraduate in Management and a master in Health and Safety management. Main Business projects :
- Inland Terminal Management (10 years) : development and commercialization of integrated intermodal transport offer (rail, road, IWW) including of Value Added Services like customs clearance, first and last mile transport, drayage, depot of full and empty units, PTI, M+R, stuffing and stripping or lining.
- Business development in rail-road sector in Europe : development of decision and supporting tools prior the start of rail-road intermodal services translating the customer requirements towards transshipment terminals, intermodal operator, customs, trucking companies and railway undertaking
- Public Affairs Management: project management and financing at EU-level (Modal shift actions – start of new intermodal services, ETCS deployment on-Board units, Railway noise reduction, terminal development, ETA definition).
- Lobby and sector cooperation: representative of Lineas in Terminal Advisory Group of the Rail Freight Corridors (1,2, 8 – north-sea-Baltic), UIRR, UIP (president of the national Association of wagon keeper)
- HSE : Risk analysis for railway and terminal operations

  • JELLE DE PARADE, Lineas Intermodal

Born and raised in Antwerp, the second largest port in Europe, port economics is in his blood. Majoring in Logistics and Transportation at the University of Antwerp seemed a logical next step. After his graduation, he started his career at a Forwarding Agent for maritime/air cargo and got acquainted with the total supply chain of the shippers. After this enriching experience, Lineas provided a new challenge. At the Public Affairs department, he became responsible for a European project called LessThanWagonLoad, with the development of the intermodal terminal Mainhub as topic.

 Artificial intelligence (AI) in logistics now and in the future

  • DARIUSZ MAŃKOWSKI, Chief Executive Officer United Robots Sp. z o.o.

He has over 10 years' experience in working in the IT industry. Since 2015, he has been active in the sector of robotics and automatics. Since 2016, he has been developing and managing a start-up named United Robots Sp. z o.o. He gained professional experience as a programmer, a project manager and a technical director at Discovery Labs.

A new approach to reduce transportation network costs

  • HANNS-GEORG RYBAK, General Manager EMEA Distribution & Transportation Projects

- Dipl.-Ing. Electrotechnics, Automation & technical IT
- Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Logistics & commercial IT (Industrial Engineering)
- Startup of Distribution Centers and Migrations to new WMS in Poland, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden
- Lean-Manager Supply Chain EMEA (5 years)
- Current assignment: General Manager EMEA Distribution & Transportation Projects, Business Transformation, Supply Chain Academy
- Implementations of Carrier Hub Shop Floor System MixMoveMatch in meanwhile 29 Carrier Hubs
- Working for 3M since 1991 (27 years)
- Office: European Distribution Center Jüchen (close to Düsseldorf)


Transformation of supply chains at Leroy Merlin – logistics for the boldest daredevils

  • MARTA CUDZIŁO, Institute of Logistics and Warehousing


  • KRZYSZTOF NICIEJEWSKI, Leroy Merlin Polska

 Warehouse wars. How to win a fight for resources and tool up for the future?

  • GRZEGORZ PROROK, Sales & Marketing Director Consafe Logistics Sp. z o.o.

Responsible for developing the business of the Swedish leader of WMS software in the Polish market. An experienced manager focused on innovations in logistics and supply chains. He gained experience in Poland and abroad by, among others, building the position of Transporeon group in the Polish market for 7 years. Graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and the ALK Kozminski University in Warsaw.