The Institute of Logistics and Warehousing is a research institute acting as the national centre of competence in the area of logistics and electronic economy. It performs research work and provides consultancy services which improve the effectiveness of companies and entire supply chains. Its competences, consistently developed throughout 50 years, have allowed the Institute to take the leading position in key areas related to logistics and supply chains.

From 1990 to 2016 The Institute acted as a GS1 national organisation associating over 23 thousand companies in Poland. In close cooperation with GS1, Poland continues to implement solutions based on global GS1 standards, which include bar codes, electronic communication, global data synchronisation and electronic product code, to economic practice.

The Institute executes over 100 projects for business a year. As an independent consultant, it presents optimum solutions and technologies to its Customers and ensures access to the latest knowledge and most innovative solutions. It refers to its own IT tools to model and simulate economic processes, and material and information flows. The tools allow smooth performance of audits of selected functional areas of companies and projects designed to optimise business processes. Laboratories furnished with cutting-edge equipment make it possible to research such objects as identification technologies or the Internet of Things. As part of creative space, in partnership with our Customers we design new products and services, using methodologies based on the understanding of users' needs.

The Institute is an active participant of European research space, taking part in EU research programmes concerning ICT and logistics, and cooperating with over 300 partners. The Institute's Certified Unit is the national organisation certifying logisticians according to the rules of the European Logistics Association. Consistently broadened competences in the area of e-economy have allowed the Institute to be the main executor of government programmes related to the development of e-commerce and e-administration in Poland. The currently executed project will introduce electronic invoices in relations with public administration.

The Institute's participation in national and international associations proves the highest competences and activity of its employees, who share their knowledge in books, in their magazine and portal, at training courses and during the Polish Logistics Congress.


The Polish Logistics Association plays the role of a leader in the development and popularisation of logistic expertise and the best practices in Poland, supports the actions aimed at increasing the prestige of the profession of a logistician, building strong logistic lobby that integrates the community of the Polish logisticians, promotes the Polish logistics, supports research and development activities and supports students and young scientists.


Poznan School of Logistics provides interdisciplinary and professional education of logisticians, opens the path to professional career to students and contributes to the development of management sciences in the field of logistics. The currently implemented innovative curricula and scientific research are subordinated to these goals. The accomplishment of the set goals is the common intention of the academic and administration staff in cooperation with the scientific and economic partners from Poland and abroad. What also serves this purpose is the elite status assumed by the Poznan School of Logistics, consisting in the possession of its own attributes, with which it is identified, i.e.:
• resignation from mass education,
• highly qualified scientific-didactic staff
• high quality of education.
The priority is to maintain the leading position in the area of logistic education in the Polish non-public higher education system, and to create practices in the education of the logisticians on a higher level.