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W 1 - Logistics of production – creation of links

The workshops will deal with a range of practical issues related to broadly understood logistics of production. Following introductory remarks focused on linkage management, the workshops will be devoted to:

  • Forecasting, forecast types, choice of forecasting method, forecasting models and forecasting software. Forecasting accuracy measures.
  • Execution of customer orders in the pull system.
  • Sales and operation planning, techniques of optimization modelling, organizational issues associated with the process of sales and operation planning. Adjustment of manufacturing capacity to sales volumes.
  • Plan-driven procurement for production. Joint planning, forecasting, replenishment of stock for production. Types of production plans, planning cycles.

The issues will be discussed in the form of case studies and practical exercises.

Prof. dr hab. inż. Józef Bendkowski – Politechnika Śląska

Dr inż. Marzena Kramarz – Politechnika Śląska
Dr inż.Mariusz Kruczek – Politechnika Śląska



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